About Us

MyCharacter.ai is the first ever dApp built on the AI Protocol that leverages the CharacterGPT Multimodal AI System to create interactive generative AI Characters. It enables AI Character generation using a single prompt.

As the first-ever recipients of AI Protocol’s dApp grant, we aim to achieve our goal of simplifying powerful AI Technologies and making them more accessible for all.

Our Mission

We believe that interactive entertainment has the power to not only entertain but also educate, motivate, and inspire people of all ages.

Our mission is to simplify powerful AI Tools and make them readily available for all in order to inspire the creation of new forms of content and spark new ideas.

Powered by the AI Protocol

Enabling the decentralized ownership and democratic governance of AI.

Bringing Revolutionary Technology to All

With the release of the CharacterGPT Text-to-Character AI System, our launch partner Alethea AI has enabled the creation of realistic, life-like AI Characters with just a simple description of what you want your AI character to look and act like.

How MyCharacter.ai Works


Enter Text Description

i.e. "A Young Man as a Kung Fu master who loves collecting stones"


CharacterGPT Does Its Magic

Generating a unique body, personality, and traits for your AI Character



Your AI Character is brought to life on our site and can now be interacted with, shared, and customized.

Transformative AI Characters

Just like the advent of digital media, we believe that CharacterGPT generated AI Characters will not only spur a new wave of AI-Powered Creativity, but also revolutionize many fields in the near future through the transformation of:

Brand Ambassadors

AI Characters representing your business to potential customers 24/7, 365 days a year.

AI Companions

Having a friend that's always there for you and always remembers the important things.

Content Creators

AI Characters can create content in the form of videos, copy, and more - allowing them to be content creating machines

Digital Twins

An AI Character trained to your image, voice, and knowledge enables your digital twin to represent you everywhere at once.

AI NPC Characters

Realistic AI Characters will revolutionize gaming by enabling interactive experiences while learning from each experience.

AI Characters in Media

Characters that create their own stories and adventures to guide you through the virtual world.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

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  • How do I get more credits?

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