The World’s First Multimodal


Generative AI System is the first dApp to be built on the AI Protocol that leverages CharacterGPT, the world’s first Text-to-Character Generative AI system.

It enables the creation of realistic and interactive AI Characters from a description in natural language.

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CharacterGPT enables the creation of

Generative AI Characters

Powerful Technologies, Simplified

Using sophisticated AI technology, CharacterGPT makes character creation a highly simplified and efficient process. CharacterGPT analyzes the text input and generates realistic, interactive, and intelligent AI Characters within seconds.

Unlimited Potential, Unlocked

CharacterGPT has opened new doors for democratizing AI for all. Using the no-code character creation approach, anyone can now bring their creativity to life spurring a new wave of content creation, interaction, and storytelling.

AI characters on can be

Interactive, Collectible, and Interoperable

All the characters generated using CharacterGPT on can be collected (tokenized) on the Polygon blockchain.


Basic Character


Collected Character

Tokenization enables and blockchain-verified ownership of AI Characters, AI Assets, and datasets, as well as the governance of those assets and interoperability across the dApps built on the AI Protocol. Some of the benefits of tokenizing the AI character are:

Control Over Visibility

Decentralized Interoperability

Customizable Intelligence

Customizable Voice

Trustless Ownership

AI Protocol Compatibility

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